Warranties and smart purchasing

Now that cars are extremely reliable and routinely go overmiles you may feel a false sense of security. However, due to all of the advanced technology, when repairs are needed they can be shockingly expensive.

Warranties and smart purchasing

Warranties and smart purchasing

The extended warranty is basically an insurance policy intended to protect against losses, or at least defray the cost.

Are Extended Warranties Worth the Cost? This question crosses the mind of almost every buyer. Let us consult the wisdom of a recognized authority in the field, Dave Ramsey. In a recent column, Ramsey said that he does not buy warranties of any kind.

Assume a large ticket buy like an automobile or appliance. By design, I buy items known for high quality, reliability, longevity, and similar qualities. Does this cost more?

For example, the Toyota brand has been a family favorite for more than two decades. We routinely buy a Toyota every years and never pay for an extended warranty of any kind because the car is built so well that the chance of high cost quality defects are low; low enough that we are willing to self-insure for the possibility.

During the 25 past years, we have bought eight vehicles including a Subaru and a Jeep.

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You might say that our example is isolated and anecdotal. And, on average, those who did use it spent hundreds more for the coverage than they saved in repair costs.

Is the warranty ever worth the expense? Yes, I believe it is advisable in rare circumstances. Even though LG was the manufacturer, we thought it wise to buy the insurance since the product was so new and untested.

We have indeed used the warranty but so far, the covered repairs have cost more than the damage. Moral of the story:Are extended warranties for cars worth it?

reason given by our survey respondents for purchasing the coverage, and for many that may be a sufficient motive. reliability analysis underscore. Nov 14,  · Most factory warranties are a year on parts, and three months on labor (or occasionally a full year on labor, too).

As you can guess, the labor is . 5 Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to an Extended Warranty Extended warranties, also known as "service contracts," can provide peace of mind to some car buyers.

MAZDA MCLAREN MERCEDES. If you purchase a Samsung Protection Plus Plan while still covered under the product’s original warranty, the protection plan will begin after the expiration date of the manufacturer’s warranty. By purchasing before expiration, you are ensuring the best price available.

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When you're buying a car, a home or an appliance, more than likely you'll be pressured to buy a service contract, or "extended warranty," as part of the purchase. If you opt for an extended warranty, consider these smart-buying tips. Don’t buy under pressure. You can purchase an extended warranty after buying the car, although you may find the cost.

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