Viva lancia thesis

It had a shorter wheelbase and a Ghia -designed, Pininfarina -built body. In all, first series Aurelias were produced.

Viva lancia thesis

When the Thesis was launched inLancia wanted a flagship to re-position the brand as a maker of convincing luxury cars, an Italian Mercedes if you like. To this end, Lancia threw enormous resources at the Thesis such that it had its own unique platform and shared no pressings or interior parts with any other Fiat group product.

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The construction of the Thesis was fairly conventional: Given that the Thesis was intended more for comfort than handling the selected arrangement is, objectively, a rational one. A 2 litre soft turbo, a 2.

The suspension design was a mix of the ordinary and the clever. The routine elements consisted of independent five-link suspension with coil springs.

The intention behind this set up was to minimise the distance between the wheel centre and the virtual steering axle to the advantage of accuracy and crispness. At the rear were installed multiple-arm suspension elements, designed to provide a good capacity to absorb impacts.

In essence, these were just incremental improvements on the theme of multi-link suspension. The clever part was the use of telescopic Skyhook adaptive dampers. These gadgets allow semi-active suspension in that the damper rates can be varied by computer management to suit the driving conditions and driving style.

All this was done with microchips smaller than your thumbnail. A similar system is used on the Maserati Spyder. The Thesis weighed from kilos for smaller engined versions to kilos, as in the 3. By way of comparison, the Mercedes S weighed less, having 30 kilos fewer to drag along. Viva Lancia. For Lancisti By Lancisti. Per Lancist

Given that the Thesis is smaller in most dimensions than an S, it was thus a conspicuously dense machine. Being mm long and having a front drive format meant the passenger compartment was spacious, with plenty of room in every direction.

The boot holds a competitive litres. Whilst the chassis and power train of the Thesis were quite conventional, Lancia was in some sense leading the way by encrusting the mechanicals with a dizzying superabundance of extra equipment, digital trinkets and electric novelties, more than one could list fully in the space allowed.

This can send chilled air through lushly damped louvres on the elegantly sculpted dashboard and through vents in the b-pillars. In addition, subtle perforations in a metal strip across the dash allow draught free ventilation.

Almost everything is powered apart from the front sun visors and the minuscule front ashtray. Servos even operate the front head restraints. This in itself is a wonderfully unnecessary refinement and speaks volumes about the painstaking efforts to create a truly luxurious saloon.

A power operated sunblind performs impressive acrobatics: Naturally, the boot lid is power operated, requiring merely nudge of a button to open and a slight push to close.

The diamond shaped headlamps are powerful Xenon units.

Viva lancia thesis

Both the grille and the headlamps are set amidst quite large expanses of unadorned metal work. The rear lamps — striking vertical slashes- are painfully intense and are simultaneously nostalgically chrome edged and ultra-modern with the LED Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer on 08/Nov/ Verified Buyer.

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The Lancia Aurelia is a car produced by Italian manufacturer Lancia from to the summer of It is noted for using the first series-production V6 regardbouddhiste.coml body styles were offered: 4-door saloon, 2-door GT coupé (B20), 2-door spider/convertible (B24), and a chassis to be custom bodied by external coachbuilders..

Establishing a post-war Lancia tradition, the car was named after a. 01 viva-lancia forum's in english Technical discussions in english on any type of Lancia from untill today.

There are different forum's for the various types. Search results for: Viva lancia forum thesis proposal.

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