Supersize me techniques

This paper will examine the techniques and topics used in the film to provoke a discussion about fast food ultimately leading to a discussion on the topic of obesity. This film was made to make the public aware that obesity is an epidemic and the food provided by the fast food restaurants are adding to it. This paper will contribute to communication by showing the strategies that can be employed by a documentary to stimulate a public discussion about an issue.

Supersize me techniques

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Super Size Me: An Analysis Essay Sample The documentary Super Size Me, produced by Morgan Spurlock, is a film which aims to frighten its viewers into adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

Supersize me techniques

Super Size Me uses techniques which attempt to shock the viewer- showing them the devastating effects that consuming nothing but fast food in the case of the documentary, food purchased from McDonalds for 30 days has upon the physical and mental health of the previously healthy Morgan Spurlock, as well as highlighting some of the practices of the fast food companies which many people would consider to be highly unethical such as the cultivation of genetically modified chickens- although this practice is not entirely uncommon to other food companies.

Super Size Me is a film aimed toward no particular race, age or sect. It is a film aimed squarely at a target audience defined by the larger-than-average circumference of their waistbands, and their propensity to consume fast food more regularly than is recommended by health experts.

The members of the target audience share one common bond; they are in denial about how dangerous consuming fast food on a regular basis can be. It would be foolish to assume that the audience has no idea that fast food can be harmful before viewing the film, however, the film forces viewers to confront the issue in a very real way- watching a man quite literally wage war on his state of health.

Super Size Me dredges up the viewpoints that can so easily be swept under the rug whilst standing at the counter of a fast food joint and demonstrates them in a way which is unlikely to leave the minds of the viewers for quite a while. Super Size Me represents the American people in a way which is voiced by people throughout the world; as being notoriously ignorant.

Life Of Brian: Documentary Analysis- Super Size Me!

In the case of the film, the ignorance is in regards to nutrition. The American people are shown as having an inadequate knowledge of basic nutrition in order to sustain a healthy diet.

This is a technique which forces the audience to think: From before he sets out upon the 30 day experiment, you are aware of the fact that his health will deteriorate, but the extent to which it does is what shocks viewers.

Supersize me techniques

It can be fair to say that the ten pounds which Spurlock gains in the first five days of the experiment is the notion that is the most frightening for fad diet-obsessed America.

It is the portion sizes and frequency of consumption which causes this food to be harmful. The film uses visual codes which imitate the graphics used by the fast food companies themselves- using bright, flashy colours- predominantly red and yellow, which studies have shown are likely to provoke hunger.

The film shows a graphic scene of a person undergoing liposuction- it shows parts of the human body which are off putting to the viewer. The procedure looks painful- it acts as a deterrent to viewers- making them think about cutting down on their intake of food which is less than healthy.

Super Size Me adheres to various usual documentary conventions- the charismatic narrator, Morgan Spurlock, provides commentary and rhetoric throughout the film which could almost be considered witty. It also uses shaky camera footage in some bits to create a feeling of realism.

Super Size Me is a film which urges its viewers to adopt healthier lifestyles, cutting out fast food intake- not supporting the fast food companies which make millions at the expense of the health of their customers.

More essays like this:Super Size Me uses techniques which attempt to shock the viewer- showing them the devastating effects that consuming nothing but fast food (in the case of the documentary, food purchased from McDonalds) for 30 days has upon the physical and mental health of the previously healthy Morgan Spurlock, as well as highlighting some of the practices of.

Super Size Me is an in-depth film by Morgan Spurlock, which shows viewers his journey from healthy eating to becoming a fast food junkie.

Viewers are able to see the damage that the unhealthy food from McDonald’s causes while Spurlock eats three meals a day from the fast food chain.

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This work was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies. Published: Wed, 20 Dec In , the American film-maker Morgan Spurlock made a documentary film “Supersize Me”.

Nov 18,  · Documentary Analysis- Super Size Me! My favorite documentary is without a doubt the film "Super Size Me", which is directed, narrated, starred, and written by Morgan Spurlock.

English SuperSize Me film techniques. STUDY. PLAY. Camera. How is the camera positioned to capture a scene.

Super Size Me

Acting. What decisions are the actors making. This includes the way they deliver their dialogue and the way that they move. Mise-en-Scène. placing on stage. Editing.

how everything is put together. A Critical Analysis of the Documentary 'Supersize Me' by Morgan Spurlock including criticisms and praise for the popular McDonalds documentary.

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