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The companys products include pendant, necklace, earrings, ring, couple ring, bracelet, bangle, gold jewelry, white and rose gold, diamond, pearl, jade, fine jewelers, bar and coin, and wedding bands. Poh Kongs charms bracelets are made by amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and blue topaz.

Summary of poh kong

Succession Planning The Board recognises the importance of succession planning in building long-term sustainable performance excellence and has established a Succession Planning Framework for key management positions.

Succession planning for key management staff includes various programs, such as talent pools, senior management development and individual development plans. Experienced and key senior management staff contribute to the pool of potential talents for Executive Directorship appointments.

Succession planning for the Board and key management staff comes under the purview of the Nomination Committee, and for the Management, is under the Group Human Resource.

A talent pool management committee formed by the Board, is a sub-committee of the NC which reports to the NC. Overseeing the Development and Implementation of a Communication Policy for the Company The Board recognises the importance of keeping shareholders and investors informed of its latest business and corporate developments.

The Board believes that an effective investor relationship is essential in enhancing value to its shareholders. The Company arranges informal meetings and dialogues with fund managers, analysts, potential shareholders and research houses periodically.

The Company is aware of the legal and regulatory framework governing the release of material and price sensitive information, and it will endeavour to provide as much information as possible.

During the financial period under review, the Company has been involved in investor relations activities, such as media briefings, dialogue with analysts, fund managers, investor relations and interviews were held to keep shareholders duly informed on the performance, development and operational activities of the Group.

It sets out the ethical standards and underlying core ethical values to guide actions and behaviors of all Directors and employees in conducting the day-to-day duties and operations of the Group. Management and employees are expected to observe high standards of integrity and fair dealing in relation to customers, business partners, staff and regulators in the network locations where the Company operates.

In order to strengthen corporate governance practices across the Group, a Whistle-Blowing Policy was established to provide employees with an accessible avenue to report fraud, corruption, dishonest practices or other similar matters.

The aim of this policy is to promote and encourage the reporting of such matters in good faith with the confidence that the staff making such reports will be protected from any retaliation in the form of dismissal, harassment or discrimination at work, or any action in court, in respect of disclosure made by the whistle blower to the regulators.

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The Board will review the Code when necessary to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate. Our on- going green campaign includes protecting the environment through green awareness and eco-friendly activities that reduces carbon footprint and waste generated in manufacturing processes.

In furtherance of this, every Director has access to all information within the Company through the following means: Meetings with the External Auditors are also held without the presence of Management and Executive Directors. There were two meetings held for this purpose in the financial year under review.

The Audit Committee meets with the Management, Internal Auditors and External Auditors regularly to review their audit plans and reports, and obtain updates and observations on internal control system and financial reporting matters.

The Directors have ready and unrestricted access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary pertaining to Board policies, procedures, the Companies Actthe MMLR, the MCCGand timing of material announcements, to enable them to discharge their duties effectively.

The Company Secretary maintains all secretarial and statutory records of the Company. The Board Charter was formalised and adopted in by the Board which sets out the roles, responsibilities, authorities and operation of the Board and Board Committees.

All Board members are aware of their duties and responsibilities. The Board Charter also outlines: It also entrusts Board members and employees to apply the principles and practices of good Corporate Governance in all their dealings in respect of and on behalf of the Company; to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability and uphold the core values of integrity when dealing with ethical issues.

The appointment of Independent and Non-Independent Directors is carefully considered to ensure that the Board is well balanced on views, advice, judgment and decision making. It is a balanced Board and comprises professionals from various backgrounds, with the relevant experience and expertise that would add value to the Group.

Summary of poh kong

The mix of experience and talent is vital for the strategic success of the Group. The Board has met the requirement of at least one third of the number of Directors shall be Independent Non- Executive Directors. The Board has also met the diversity in age and ethnicity in varying degrees.

However, the Board remains ultimately responsible for corporate governance and the affairs of the Company and performance of the Group.

The members of NC are as follows: The NC reviews training needs for incoming Directors with respect to their roles and responsibilities, as well as to the expectation of the stakeholders with regard to their contributions to the Board and the Group. The NC also assists the Board in its annual review of the required mix of skills and experience and other qualities including core competencies which Directors should bring to the Board and to assess the effectiveness of the Board as a whole, as well as, look into succession planning, boardroom and gender diversity and training courses.

The NC met twice 2 during the financial year on 20 October and 14 June to deliberate on the above matters. In reviewing these recommendations, the NC considers the required mix of skills and experiences which the Directors would bring to the Board and his or her time commitment.

Any new nomination received is reviewed by the talent pool management committee and recommended to the NC and subsequently, to the full Board for assessment and endorsement. The key task of the NC is to ensure that the Company recruits and retains the best available Executive and Non- Executive Directors who are competent and are able to guide the Company to meet its strategy and business plan.

The NC is responsible for making recommendations to the Board on the most appropriate Board size and composition. In discharging its responsibilities, the NC has developed a set of criteria used in the recruitment process and annual assessment of Directors.Poh Kong has really upped their jewelry game lately haven't they?

I was waiting on a friend who was getting some toiletries from Guardian so I walked aimlessly till I reached the brightly lit display units of Poh Kong/5(2). Poh Kong Holdings Bhd. is an investment company, which engages in the design, production, trade of jewelleries, and provision of management services.

It operates through the following business segments: Trading, Manufacturing, and Others. The Trading segment supplies and retails jewelleries, precious stones, gold ornaments and .

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Summary Poh Kong Holdings Berhad (Poh Kong) is a jewelry company that manufactures and sells gold, jewellery and precious stones. The companys products include pendant, necklace, earrings, ring, couple ring, bracelet, bangle, gold jewelry, white and rose gold, diamond, pearl, jade, fine jewelers, bar and coin, and wedding bands.

Summary Poh Kong Koon is the founder of Press Metal Bhd. Mr. Koon is on the board of Press Metal Bhd., Angkasa Jasa Sdn. Bhd. and Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd. Current positions of Poh Kong . Poh Kong’s Sustainability Policy is based on promoting a cleaner environment, development without excessive waste and pollution, usage of energy efficient appliances or items and improvement in sustainability performance.

Poh Kong was one of the winners of the Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association (MRCA) Elite Awards in recognition of its contributions towards the development of the retail chain industry. Poh Kong launched the exclusive brand HEMERA™, the world's most brilliant cut diamond, from Belgium.

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