Porinju veliyath business plan

The logic is quite convincing: KNR maintains its market position by continuously focusing on engineering excellence, improving and sharpening competencies, adapting latest construction technologies, deployment of sophisticated construction equipment and timely delivery. KNR reported revenue growth of

Porinju veliyath business plan

The earnings blast is going to be there for the next at least four to seven-eight quarters and it feeds itself. That is more powerful than capital gains tax because in any case, the stock is not determined by the capital gains tax, it is determined by the corporate earnings and corporate earnings growth.

The Budget has no measures to slow down the economy Economy is on a recovery path Rural Consumption will improve and as such economic growth will become stronger Longer term story stronger. Huge frauds related to income conversion to LTCG will moderate.

People asking for examples,my understanding You bought Share A at Rson 31st Jan it was at and eventually sold at Tax will be only on Rs Focus on Agri, rural and Infra great for economy. Punita Kumar Sinha of Pacific Paradigm Advisers Top stock picks to buy now Anyway, now that the specter of fear relating to LTCG tax has come and gone and the stock market looks stable, we should get back to our favourite activity of picking the best multibagger stocks to buy for and later.

Let us straightaway dive down into these stocks: He never tires of advising us to buy this blue-chip PSU stock.

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Stock to quote in 4 digits If the next govt. Porinju has advised that it is not too late for us to make amends. However, while Tata Global Beverages took off like a rocket and posted massive gains, Tata Power has continued to languish.

Porinju has now recommended a buy of Tata Power on the logic that the restructuring that is underway under the dynamic leadership of N Chandra will cause the blue-chip to see better days ahead. He also explained that the aggressive push of the Tata group towards Defense business deals will put the spotlight on Tata Power.

Tata Power has also been recommended by DD Sharma, the veteran stock picker. The stock is not only fail-safe but has steadily churned out multibagger gains over the past several decades.

Porinju explained that ITC is quoting at attractive valuations in comparison to other blue-chip stocks. He also emphasized that the FMCG business, which was hitherto a burden, would turn profitable soon.

This will provide the much needed catalyst to send ITC surging into orbit. You are going to see this consolidation, like it or not.

Big companies are going to benefit big time from both demonetisation and GST. He also emphasized that the fact that the promoters increased stake recently is a giveaway to the fact that the Company is headed towards prosperous times. It is obvious that in a duopoly situation with incalculable demand and limited supply, both stocks will prosper.

He explained that stocks like Inox Leisure are a good play on increased discretionary spending by affluent youngsters in the economy.

porinju veliyath business plan

He provided a masterful analysis on why the stock is a great buy now. · Porinju Veliyath tweeted earlier this week, “India never had a ‘bear market’ since June 6, ; unlikely to have one till – I plan to retire at , if alive.”regardbouddhiste.com  · Who is the best SEBI-registered investment adviser on multibagger stocks?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. porinju veliyath,vijay kedia and many. Check in bulk deals.

porinju veliyath business plan

But exit strategy is the key. How detailed was your business plan in your Form A application for SEBI registered Investment Advisers?regardbouddhiste.com  · Porinju Veliyath is one of the most successful stock market investors of India.

Porinju Veliyath is master in identifying multibagger stocks. He follow simple strategy for earning money from the stock market, identify and invest in future regardbouddhiste.com Calling porinju an absolute idiot, calling graphite stocks as pathetic, trying to laugh on investors loosing money.

I'm up 2x since January but this guy has such an regardbouddhiste.com Porinju Valiyath, a successful value investor, bought into Geojit Securities (where he had also worked earlier) in single digits and saw the price go up to Rs 2, in 17 regardbouddhiste.com  · 10 Best Mid Cap Small Cap Stocks for investment in by Dolly Khanna, Porinju Veliyath and Vijay Kedia.

These stocks may sky rocket and turned out to be multibagger stocks for regardbouddhiste.com

– Porinju Veliyath’s Bagger Stock Has % Gain Potential: Experts