Outdoor billboard business plan

Make sure you consider this advice before you open up shop. Thinking about opening an outdoor advertising and billboards business? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Outdoor billboard business plan

This book contains the information and guidance that will take you through the maze of outdoor advertising and shares a wealth of experience with the real life situations we have been involved in over the years. We have been in the billboard business for 11 years.

We have assembled a wealth of first hand information about this lucrative business. Our comprehensive starter kit will provide you with very specific detailed answers to all of your questions about the billboard business. Billboard Types and Descriptions: This chapter will give you detailed descriptions of what is needed for different types of billboards, structure measurements, and blueprints.

This chapter will give you real names and websites of vinyl production companies we work with on a regular basis. It takes out all the guess work.

Getting Started

We tested them for you. They are cheap, reputable, reliable, and put out a great vinyl product that will never fade due to the sun or rain. Again, this e-book takes out all the guess work.

We give you great designers that will design the vinyl for your customer at a very cheap price.

outdoor billboard business plan

This chapter will show you several creative ways to find billboard locations. Many of these creative tactics were perfected by us, trial and error……. Creative Ways to Find Existing Billboards: This chapter will teach you different ways to find existing and abandoned billboards that you can bring back to life.

Tested first hand by us with proof This section offers originally creative ways to sell advertising space, find advertisers, and sign long term contracts. Remember, once you sign a one, five or even a ten year contract, you can just sit back, relax and collect the money…….How I Made A Million Dollars In The Outdoor Billboard Business By Frank Rolfe I started building billboards straight out of college, with no knowledge of what I .

outdoor billboard business plan

Browse our directory of Outdoor Billboard Companies. We have been in the billboard business before there were computers so having the ability to reach out to potential customers across the U.S. has really expanded our opportunities. The Watchfire Advertising Plan connects billboard operators with Blip Billboards to deliver pre-sold.


ALTHOUGH ANY PROJECTIONS CONTAINED IN THIS MEMORANDUM ARE Billboards and Ambient Advertising surged % to $ billion in and is projected to.

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Basically, billboard advertising comes under the outdoor advertising segment. It is a highly competitive industry. Hence, initiating a billboard advertising company needs market research and strategic planning. Also, you must calculate the financials very carefully.

We can’t say, you can initiate a billboard advertising business with no money. A business plan is like a compass; a guide that helps you navigate while a feasibility study exposes nitty-gritties that’s needed to make this business feasible or doable.

Business Overview

An outdoor advertising company business plan might seem like a hard nut to crack. Knowing how to build and staff an outdoor billboard business successfully is possible with the proper business plan. There are several paths you can take so.

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