Negotiation counselling

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication June Connie Hon Family Therapist and Counsellor specialised in multicultural issues Good communication is the key to successful relationship. A study reported that majority of communication is transmitted non-verbally.

Negotiation counselling

Most financial counselling services are funded by the government and all involve no fees, charges or commissions for clients. Financial counsellors are not financial planners nor professional debt managers.

Financial counsellors are different to financial planners While financial counsellors assist people with their debts, financial planners are paid to provide investment advice. Financial counsellors complete a Diploma of Community Services Financial Counselling and must be members or qualified to be members of a recognised National or State Financial Counselling Association.

Financial counsellors are also different from professional debt management companies.

Negotiation counselling

The latter charge set-up and ongoing fees to develop and sometimes monitor debt management agreements. Financial counsellors can negotiate with your creditors free as well as advise on the pros and cons of a debt agreement, informal negotiation or bankruptcy.

Consumers should always seek advice from a financial counsellor before signing any debt agreement with a debt management company. General and specialist financial counselling services Many community organisations provide general financial counselling services to assist people who are in financial difficulty.

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A number of specialist financial counselling services are also available. What assistance is available from a financial counsellor?

Negotiation counselling

Financial counsellors can assist people experiencing financial difficulty by identifying, presenting and clarifying options for money problems and by providing information and advice about: Financial counsellors will also negotiate with creditors on your behalf or help complete bankruptcy forms.

Working with a financial counsellor During a consultation, the financial counsellor will usually: However the financial counsellor will not: Eastern Access Community Health brochure: Financial counselling The funding for this fact sheet was provided by the Victorian and Australian Governments.

The information on this fact sheet is general and does not constitute legal advice. Phone to speak to a MoneyHelp financial counsellor. Key Points Financial counsellors provide free, independent and confidential advice to people in financial hardship Financial counsellors provide a very different service to that provided by financial planners and professional debt management companies People seeking advice from a financial counsellor should have all details about their finances at hand Need help?The Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) counsellors provide financial options and support to help farmers make the right decision for their business.

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Print this Fact Sheet Print this Fact Sheet. Most financial counselling services are funded by the government and all involve no fees, charges or commissions for clients. Private counselling with Dean Richardson is affordable, paying weekly & at various rates.

Discounts and sliding scales for couples, individuals and groups in different financial circumstances. BSc Honours Counselling & Psychotherapy Validated by Middlesex University & Professional Accreditation with IACP.


PCI College is the leading provider of counselling courses in Ireland. Our Professional Counselling service will help you get over your problems. Jindalee counselling deals with all kinds of life challenges, relationship difficulties.

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Our Professional Counselling service will help you get over your problems Other days may be considered by negotiation. Second Location. Address: 7/4 Serenity Close, Noosa Heads, Skills in Negotiation and Counselling. INTRODUCTION Counselling is considered a learning process,  Counselling for the Professions Assignment 2 Monash University Clayton Introduction The purpose of this exercise was to implement learnt skills throughout the semester, and apply them into a real counseling situation with a client.

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