Introduction to the rajputs

History Origins The origin of the Rajputs has been a much-debated topic among the historians. Colonial-era writers characterised them as descendants of the foreign invaders such as the Scythians or the Hunasand believed that the Agnikula myth was invented to conceal their foreign origin.

Introduction to the rajputs

As per the above source it can be deduced that the Rajputs are indeed a mixture of various tribes that rose to prominance on were related to those who did. The Real Rana talk RS for what constitutes a reliable source.

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If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool. Please find some mainstream sources preferably recent ones which state that all Rajputs claim descent from Bappa Rawal.

As the article Guhila dynasty Origin states with sourceseven the Guhilas started claiming descent from Bappa Rawal only in 13th century: They were raiders whenever possible, mercenaries when it paid, but could be peasant cultivators at home.

Their military hierarchy, with each man owing fealty to one acknowledged leader, goes back to their tribal and clan origin. The complete political inconsequence is also due to the persistence of a narrow tribal outlook.

Introduction to the rajputs

Their home territory in comparatively barren Rajasthan already changed beyond recognition wherever the Rajasthan canal has brought its life-giving waters lay across the important trade-route to the south. The Rajputs, therefore, show us — in an undeveloped stage — the superficial elements that go to make feudalism, but not a supply of labour to cultivate extensive fields.

Such captains were well suited for service under kings that had already developed administrative units 84, then 42, and 21 villages, perhaps the last formal stage between the two types of feudalism, from above and below. So I am not sure why you removed this quote: Kosambithe Rajputs trace their descent from the ruler Bappa Rawal c.

Kosambi is more mainstream than all the historians mentioned in this section and he does "state that all Rajputs claim descent from Bappa Rawal"this Marxist viewpoint must be represented. An Introduction to the Study of Indian History. What contemporary historians are saying about the origin of Rajputs is more in consonance with Kosambi than what the colonial writers and the Indian national writers are saying about it that Rajputs have descended from Vedic Kshatriyas.

They claim that he was born in a royal family, escaped after their kingdom was conquered by enemies, and then founded a new dynasty. Please present at least a couple of more sources which state that all Rajputs claim descent from Bappa Rawal.This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page.

If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. Introduction of the Rajputs The fall of the Gupta Empire brought duration of instability after a strong hold of about years in the early part of the 5th century.

The stability was brought back by the Gurjara (Foreigners)- Pratiharas, the earliest of the Rajputs dynasties who pertained to have supreme powers in the whole of Southern Rajputana. 1 • INTRODUCTION "Rajput" identifies numerous ksatriya or warrior castes in northern and western India.

The term "Rajput" comes from rajaputra, which means "son of kings." Rajputs are famed for their fighting abilities and once ruled numerous Indian princely states.

introduction to the rajputs!

Rajputs - Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore, Religion, Major holidays, Rites of passage

A Rajput is a member of one of the landowning patrilineal clans of central and northern India. Rajputs consider themselves descendants of one of the major ruling warrior groups of the Hindu Kshatriya varna (social order) in the Indian subcontinent, particularly North India.

Introduction / History. The Rajputs Ponwar live in the north and central states of India. Rajput means "son of a ruler" in Sanskrit. Ponwar means descendants of the Paramara dynasty. This middle-sized kingdom flourished in the late medieval period in north central India. . The Rajputana agency formally consolidated in Indian Union in year and re christened as Rajasthan, At present Rajputana is known as Rajasthan in literal meaning the land of Rajas or the Rajputs.

Rajasthan forms the largest state of India at present.

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