Cheaters never win

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Cheaters never win

How often does that happen? How about all the time! Cheating is rampant in sports. Because it pays well. Just ask Lance Armstrong, the poster boy for the benefits of cheating.

Armstrong was so morally bereft that he sued newspapers — and won — for having the nerve to suggest he used drugs. The critics were right all along but Armstrong could afford lawyers who were not only equally morally bereft, but also highly talented at keeping evidence from being introduced.

I always shake my head at lawyers who defend people they know full well are guilty. How do these sub-humans sleep at night? You know who I am talking about. How about people like those lawyers who fight for the tobacco companies? But we will save that question for another day. The temptation to cheat in sports is overwhelming because often the difference between the best and the also-rans can be measured in seconds and even in split seconds.

Cheaters never win

Lance didn't seem to have even the slightest guilty conscience about his constant lies. He has been setting world records since he was a junior competitor and has broken his own world record in the m sprint twice.

At the London Olympics, the difference between the winner and the also-rans was actually wider than usual. Usain Bolt of Jamaica is so dominant that the race was for second place.

Mind you, I am not saying Usain Bolt uses drugs. I am simply using his success to point out the value of success. How much would he make if he finished second? Take note of the bunching in second, third, and fourth. In the long distance ski races of the Winter Olympics such as the 10 kilometer cross country, the top 30 contenders can finish within 60 seconds of one another over 10 miles.

Given such a narrow margin, it must be maddening to think that something as difficult to detect as blood doping can take an athlete from complete obscurity to prominence, glory, and prize money. Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents ESAs have a history of use as blood doping agents in endurance sports such as horseracing, boxing, cycling, rowing, distance running, race walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, biathlon, and triathlon.

With such a narrow margin separating the top from the bottom, the temptation to use erythropoietin EPO is huge. EPO is a genetically engineered version of a natural hormone made by the kidney. EPO stimulates bone marrow to make red blood cells. It started to emerge as a factor in the Salt Lake City Olympics in Jim Stray-Gunnersen, a U.

Canadian Pierre Harvey, a cross-country skiing star of the s, tells a fascinating anecdote.Cheaters Never Win by Jon Huntsman This is the eBook version of the printed book.

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