Career awareness in public schools

Setting Up a Career Awareness Program Contact other work study or transition coordinators who may also be setting up work sites or visitations. Piggy-back and share responsibilities for sites and transportation arrangements when possible.

Career awareness in public schools

Gearing-Up for Career Awareness: Profile of a Middle School Career Program.

Career awareness in public schools

Throughout the last decade, researchers have recommended that career exploration and awareness begin before high school, when students have already made major decisions about courses Castellano et. In many cases, students passively follow career paths simply by not choosing from Career awareness in public schools high school classes the courses needed for technical or other careers.

To encourage students to make informed decisions, middle schools must introduce career awareness, such as the concept that success in most careers requires education and training Fouad, As the National Alliance of Business recommended in its publication Preparing Young People for Tomorrow's Workplace, "Middle school is an ideal age at which to expose students to the challenging world of work" p.

Because students who drop out of high school often begin to disconnect in middle school or earlier, interventions that give the school experience focus and meaning are critical Castellano et al.

Elements of successful career awareness programs have been described in numerous publications Kerka, ; Maddy-Bernstein, ; Toepfer, ; Toepfer, Interest inventories and aptitude tests, field trips, Career Days, and community partnerships are among the tools that can increase students' awareness of their own interests and help them learn about a wide variety of occupations Hogan, As students gain understanding of the preparation needed for specific careers, they may begin to consider the role that postsecondary education and training could play in their futures.

Department of Education, Glasgow has a large population of at-risk students, including many English language learners. A key component of the program focuses on career awareness.


Key elements of the initiative are described below. Career inventories help students articulate their interests and identify matching careers.

Working with these self-assessment tools is an important early step in career awareness made possible through the availability of a mobile computer lab with 20 wireless laptops.

The Career Center Specialist brings the lab to students in their classrooms and conducts the lesson during regularly scheduled classes. The programs prompt students to answer questions about their interests, then offers career ideas.

Next, students research one occupation to determine the training and education required and the salary range. Use of the software occurs in the context of a lesson describing education options two-year college, four-year college, advanced degree, military training, apprenticeships, and other on-the-job training and an explanation that postsecondary education is available and affordable for all.

Additional units have also been developed as needed.

Career awareness in public schools

For 6th graders, activities include general discussions and completion of the CX Online Career Finder inventory, followed by research on specific careers.

Seventh graders complete personal timelines and occupational family trees. Eighth graders have worked on electronic budgeting programs; given themselves "performance evaluations"; viewed videos about work habits; and learned how to search for part-time jobs.

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Both 7th and 8th grade classes have researched jobs using online newspaper classified ads at www. A typical lesson begins with a brainstorming activity in which students suggest careers in the subject area.

Next, the Career Specialist makes additional suggestions and describes the education and training needed for various careers. Lessons conclude with students researching one or more careers. For example, working with 7th grade social studies teachers, the Career Specialist developed a lesson that tied into study of 19th and early 20th century entrepreneurs.

Students learned about jobs during that time period, then learned how employment has evolved, concluding the lesson by researching a modern-day job requiring the use of technology. In small groups, students heard three speakers discuss their work, their education levels, and the experiences that led them to choose their careers.

Groups have been small enough to allow speakers to share personal experiences and entertain questions.

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Among the speakers were airline pilots, information technology specialists, lawyers, nurses, a congressman, a meteorologist, veterinarians, artists, sports professionals, journalists, restaurant managers, and construction workers.

Career Day was fully supported by teachers, who introduced the speakers and remained in classrooms. Several teachers and counselors also shared their work experiences.

Speakers discuss the experiences that inspired them or obstacles they overcame. For example, a theater director discussed his experiences as an immigrant from Cuba who became a successful professional in the US.

He spoke to two groups in English and to another-a group of recent Latino immigrants-in Spanish, encouraging all to work hard and go to college.Below is an alphabetical list of CTE courses offered in the Renton School District.

For course descriptions see individual Career Cluster pages or the online Course Catalog. Due to the impending weather, Waterbury Career Academy’s open house for prospective students that was originally scheduled for this Thursday, November 15, has been rescheduled to Wednesday, November 28 at pm.

Meta Description for this page to go here. Polk County Public Schools to Hold Career Fair May ; More ways to keep up with the latest news from Polk County Public Schools: Watch PCSBtv. News Release. Polk Schools Celebrate College and Career Awareness Week. February 9, FCPS is dedicated to building the future child by child. Our mission is to inspire and empower students to meet high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and be responsible and innovative global citizens.

The College and Career Awareness (CCA) class aims at introducing students to different options pertaining to postsecondary education or workforce opportunities. Public Schools Calendar Elementary and Middle School Career Awareness Activities.

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Additional Information. Career Organizations. Georgia Connections. November is Career Development Month © Georgia Department of Education. National Bullying Prevention Month/Red Ribbon Week.

The month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It is packed with events that unite students against negative behaviors, and . Career Awareness The Insurance Industry is a vital part of the modern world.

Without the Insurance Industry, there would be little construction, manufacturing and healthcare.

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