An examination of the efficacy of the actions of the united states government in winning the recessi

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An examination of the efficacy of the actions of the united states government in winning the recessi

Writing history in Renaissance Italy: I Tatti studies in Italian Renaissance history Includes bibliographical references and index. Florence Italy —History— To —Historiography. Among other things, the grant made it possible for me to carry out fundamental research for the project in Italian libraries and archives during the year Other institutions in Italy and Europe were no less helpful.

Among the many deserving of thanks, I wish to make special mention of the following: Closer to home, I want especially to thank xii a c k n ow l e d g m e n t s Professor Peter Cryle, director of the Centre for the History of European Discourses CHED at the University of Queensland, for providing me with the ideal academic environment in which to draft and redraft my manuscript.

Earlier versions of eight of my chapters first appeared as journal articles: All of this previously published material has been thoroughly revised and updated for inclusion in the present volume. The remaining five chapters, plus the introduction and conclusion, appear here in print for the first time.

It is a pleasure finally to thank the many individuals—colleagues, friends, and family—whose encouragement and advice made the writing of this book possible. I owe a special debt of thanks to Riccardo Fubini for reading the first drafts of several of my chapters and for sharing with me his vast store of knowledge about the period.

James Hankins and Arthur Field both somehow found the time to read with care the entire typescript and to offer a large number of constructive critical comments, most of which I have tried to take on board.

Other colleagues read selected chapters and made useful suggestions for improvement. Madrignani, and Ronald G. Thanks too to Edward Muir, editor of the I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History, for showing a keen interest in my initial book proposal and then skillfully guiding me through the rigorous evaluation process.

Thanks also to my editor at the Harvard University Press, C. Ian Stevenson, and to Tonnya Norwood and the staff at NK Graphics, for their help in preparing the manuscript for publication. Last but not least, a c k n ow l e d g m e n t s xiii I wish to thank the research assistants who at various times worked with me on the ARC-funded sections of the project: It goes without saying that while all of the above named deserve a large share of the credit for whatever positive value my book may have, none can be held to account for any lingering errors of fact, judgment, or interpretation.

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Responsibility for these is mine alone. Introduction I wrote this book as part of a broader enquiry into the origins and development of early modern historiography. It seemed to me that while there were many fine studies on historical writing as practiced in sixteenth- and seventeenthcentury Europe, much less attention was being paid to the earlier pioneers, and particularly to the Italian humanists of the fifteenth century.

This was not for lack of recognition, because many of the studies being produced were quite open about acknowledging the humanists as the avatars of new methods and approaches to history that were to remain influential well into the seventeenth century and beyond.united states secretary of treasury.

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An examination of the efficacy of the actions of the united states government in winning the recessi

0 Votos desfavoráveis, marcar como não útil. In the Continuum Vol.2 No Enviado por Justin Labossiere. With regard to Demosthenes and Cicero, Plutarch writes: “I shall examine their actions and their political careers to see how their natures and dispositions compare with one another.” Comparison thus lies at the very heart of Plutarch’s enterprise.

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