An analysis on a mcdonalds advertisement

Huge gains from implementing best practices. The company can identify better ways of performing tasks, managing restaurants or hiring new employees and can achieve huge gains by implementing these best practices in its vast network of restaurants. Market power over suppliers and competitors. The company clearly demonstrates this with The Coca Cola Company.

An analysis on a mcdonalds advertisement

Challenge Accurate and timely demographic data is difficult to obtain in western economies; the ability to collect this precise data is even further strained when the survey is of a developing country. With a land area ofkm spread over islands and a domestic population of nearly million people, timely and accurate demographic data requires in-depth, thorough, UT quick market surveying.

An analysis on a mcdonalds advertisement

Product Offering They serve the typical consumer wants like burgers, spaghetti, fries, floats, ice cream, rice and chicken meals. Vision, Mission, and Values. First to respond to the fast changing needs of the Filipino family.

First choice when it comes to food and dining experience. First mention as the ideal employer and socially responsible company. First to spoon to the changing lifestyle of the Filipino family. To serve the Filipino community by providing great-tasting food and the most relevant customer delight experience.

Conscious and deliberate action to exceed the needs and requirements both internal and external customers; Minimalist: Concern for the customer, employees, co-workers, business partners, community and company.

Working as ONE towards achieving a common goal Excellence: School-Age Children ; From toddler to early grade school.

Teens Biggest influencer over family purchases. Generation Y or Millennial ; Commonly referred to as teens or young adult.

Generation X ; Born between and Family-oriented, well educated, and optimistic. Has a stable career, ready to settle down 4.

An analysis on a mcdonalds advertisement

Baby Boomers ; Born between and Diverse segment that generally tends to value health and quality of life. Seniors Also called the gray or silver market.

Elder people, retirees, etc. Market Trends Green Dining is a trend that we would like to encourage, the mechanics are the customers get the option on bringing their own container for drinks, utensils, and bags for take out, this will deduct a corresponding amount to their bill.

With this trend we hope to reduce the waste produced by the food chains and as well as the expenses. The uniqueness of our happy meal box to attract many kids to buy collectible toys.

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Strengths Weaknesses Affordable products Good location Excellent customer service Service crew punctuality Quality of food Customer assessment Opportunities The reads unique product offerings Media exposure Effective promotion schemes Customer Safety Health conscious consumers Environmentalists Political Factors Economic Factors The change of tax rates in the country The raise of minimum wage rates Improper allocation of tax funds Inflation rate unemployment rate Employment rate Socio-cultural Factors Technological Factors Consumer behavior Internet Social Media There are certain factors that affect market profitability, first are Buyer power.

Next we have the Supplier Power if we were to purchase raw materials in bulk then we could obtain a trade discount, helping us decrease our expenses and lower the prices of our products, making it more affordable to the consumers.

Third we have Barriers to Entry; we can decrease the number of competitors by being more efficient in our production, like what I have stated earlier regarding the trade discount.

This is one way to be efficient and if the company were to develop innovative products or improve the quality of their product and services, then it would be hard for another firm to enter the market.

Product Development, Staff recruitment and training Procurement: Equipment, Raw materials Inbound Logistics: Key Success Factors Our other means of selling the product is through direct selling in events like concerts, carnivals, festivals, etc.

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After analyzing the market, finding the key factor, target segment and understanding the market demand, every company needs to come up with an offers or such type of plan, that speed up the growth of the company.

Products include that, how the company should design, manufacture the product so that it enhance the customer experience?Coca-Cola Marketing Communications: A Critical Analysis Posted on February 12, by John Dudovskiy This article represents a critical analysis of marketing communications materials used by Coca-Cola Company, a global beverage manufacturer and retailer based in Georgia, United States.

The thesis entitled “A Semiotic Analysis on Coca-Coca’s Commercial Advertisements” has been defended before the Letters and Humanities Faculty’s Examination Committee on Friday, July 07 th . McDonald’s and Their Advertising Influence Even though many know McDonalds may be unhealthy many still choose to eat there.

This choice may be based on the influence of McDonald’s advertisements or personal choice. McDonalds has a long history that some have grown up to know and have shared this with their children. McDonalds probably chose to use "bliss" because it alliterates well with "big" and "beefy." Another probable reason is that McDonald's wants people to associate their product with happiness.

McDonald's colors, red and yellow, weren't chosen arbitrarily. The McDonald's ad chosen advertises a plan to offer free wifi at all McDonald's locations.

The exigence of the ad is clearly to improve sales by attracting members of the working class that require access to the internet at all times. Yet, based on my stock analysis, there’s a growing list of rivals that have all targeted McDonalds as the company to emulate and, in turn, take market share from.

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