A biography of john stuart mill the most influential english speaking philosopher of the 19th centur

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A biography of john stuart mill the most influential english speaking philosopher of the 19th centur

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He worked a great deal on morality, logic, philosophy, politics, economy and social issues such as women rights and slavery. Born in London, Mill was educated exceptionally under the watchful gaze of his father.

He learnt both Latin and Greek by the age of four, and by 16 he had become a well-trained logician and an economist. At the age of 20, Mill diverted his attention from science, logic and rationality to the aesthetics of poetry and literature. This diversified his fields of study and he persuaded the British society to focus on social, political and economical issues using both scientific knowledge and literary insights.

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At heart and in his mind resided empiricist views: In A System of Logic,Mill presents the explanation of reasoning and logic and how our experiences affect our thinking capabilities.

He argues that worldly phenomena can be best explained through the sciences of nature.

A biography of john stuart mill the most influential english speaking philosopher of the 19th centur

Our society and all its problems can be tackled through logic, rationality and knowledge gained from experience. He directly attacked the philosophy of intuition throughout System of Logic, a theory followed by William Whewell and Sir William Hamilton.

They held the belief that truth and knowledge is gained not by causal laws and observation but by unmediated, divine awareness. Utilitarianism and Happiness In his book UtilitarianismMill gave a moral principle regarding pursuit of happiness.

This principle aims to provide a decisive factor regarding right and wrong. Mill said that all those actions are right which produce happiness, not only for the doer of the action but also the people around him, and all those actions are wrong which propagates unhappiness among the people.

Mill further contributed to utilitarianism by his argument of qualitative happiness. He said that not all kinds of happiness are equal; higher pleasures constitute moral and intellectual happiness while physical pleasures are deemed lower pleasures by Mill.

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He also differentiates between satiation and happiness and wittingly puts it in the following statement: To the masses, Mill was the renowned author of Principles of Political Economy In his publication Mill reflects on what the numbers say in an economy and what the public actually wants and appreciates.

He held the idea that industrial and economical growth should be given up for the betterment of the environment. He also was a strong advocate of population control in favor of equal provision resources to all human beings. He was also a champion of human rights and his feminist ideas are put eloquently in The Subjection of Women Provozovatel webu, RVCKlement s.r.o., se sídlem Josefská 5, Brno, 00, IČ: , jako správce osobních údajů, zpracovává na tomto webu cookies potřebné pro fungování webových stránek a pro analytické účely a v případě Vašeho souhlasu také pro personalizaci reklam.

Full Name: John Stuart Mill Nationality: English Profession: Philosopher and Political Economist Why Famous: An influential contributor to social theory, political theory and political economy.

A biography of john stuart mill the most influential english speaking philosopher of the 19th centur

He has been called "the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century". Mill's conception of liberty justified the . When the English landscapist John Con- stable observed that "Painting pursued as is a science and should be an inquiry into the laws of nature.

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